Metabolism Booster

Metabolism Booster


Metabolism Booster feeling sluggish? Can’t get rid of those last 10 lbs? It happens. And do not worry, it’s not yet too late. Wel Palm Beach offers the ‘Skinny Drippin’ IV to help boost your metabolism and get you movin’ and groovin’.

Our Skinny Drippin’ IV lifts your energy and ramps up your metabolism naturally. It’s packed with B Complex, B12, Aminos,and topped with a MICC injection to convert food into energy!

 It is a gamechanger in health and wellness solutions because it addresses a familiar pain point that we have all been through, stubborn fat.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for one ‘Skinny Drippin’ hangover IV therapy session is $299.

What’s In This IV Drip?

  • B-Complex. When we drink, our liver uses nutrients to metabolize the alcohol. This can deprive the cells of vital nutrients and disrupt the body’s regular functions. B-Complex vitamins, which are essential to overall health, are particularly vulnerable. This liquid IV for hangover can help replenish the body’s required B-Complex levels so it can recover and get back on track.
  • B-12. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it depletes a lot of nutrients and vitamins from your body. B vitamin is one of those vitamins, which is problematic because your body requires B vitamin to eliminate alcohol from your body. The loss of B vitamin could be the cause of the fatigue, dizziness, and memory loss you experience the morning after drinking.
  • Aminos. Promotes healthy levels of human growth hormone (HGH) by stimulating the pituitary gland. Improves lean body mass, athletic performance and cardiovascular function.
  • MICC. Helps convert fat into energy while aiding healthy nerve cells and reducing muscle recovery time. And assists the body in preventing excess fat buildup in the liver.
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How To Up Your Weight Loss Plan?

IV treatment for weight loss is just one of several ways to manage symptoms associated with a slow metabolism. It accelerates the process and minimizes downtime.

However, keep in mind that an IV solution for a weight loss is just one step. It should be part of a process that includes the following simple but proven effective:

  • Drink water. We tend to urinate and sweat more when we exercise, and this can lead to dehydration. It is crucial that we replenish these fluids.
  • Add HIIT Workouts to your routine. HIIT workouts help BLAST fat and are the perfect workout for someone looking to rev their fat burning power.
  • Get Your Rest . It’s important to rest and if possible, sleep it off. Avoid strenuous activities until you feel 100% again. Restorative sleep is essential to recovery.
  • Eat a Well-Balanced Diet. Make sure you are filling up on quality protein, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits.


Don’t let a bad week or off season ruin your fitness goals. The next time you are feeling a little bloated and sluggish, remember to book Palm Beach County’s best metabolism pick-me-up. It’s safe, fast, and effective. And it’s accessible too.

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